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An entheogenic plant or potion taken ritually for communion with the gods or ancestors resident in the Otherworld; in Christian liturgy, the placebo sacrament of the Host or Eucharist; in Catholic liturgy the Eucharist plus another six derivative placebo sacraments—baptism, confirmation, penance, marriage, ordination and extreme unction. Hence: Sacramental, Sacramentally, Sacramentary, Sacramentize, Sacramently.

1959 Wasson Trans. New York Acad. Sci., 21:333. May not the sacred mushroom, or some other natural hallucinogen, have been the original Element in all the Holy Suppers of the world, being gradually replaced by harmless Elements in a watering down of the original fearful sacrament?


The Age of Entheogens & The Angel's Dictionary
by Jonathan Ott

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