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Date: Mon, 14 Nov 1994 14:43:21 -0800
From: rj
Subject: Domestic Meme Traders, 30mg

This time i felt prepared. Not so nervous. So i close my eyes to see what's going on back there and i don't see anything particularly unusual, which is a particularly unusual thing to find under these circumstances. Then i've got that familiar "in your face" feeling with a rapidfire changing mosaic of "symbols" (mostly seem to be multicoloured shapes, like coloured boards cut into triangles and rectangles and such) percolating before my eyes. I'm trying to think: "who are you?" "where is this?" but i don't read any responses. I feel like "someone" is flashing these images at me. Then i sense (like last time) an individual paying particular attention to my needs, slowing down the pace of the display until SHe's seemingly flashing these symbols maybe two-a-second or so. I'm frustrated because it still just looks like triangles and rectangles. I seem to be standing in a short hallway. I get more of that impression as i (apparently) back up a "few feet" to find myself standing in a crowded kitchen-like area. Now no one's really paying particular attention to me at all, but i feel they know i'm here. There seem to be ten or fifteen (that's completely a guess) people in the room, moving about and taking care of some chores. It really seems like a kitchen. I don't remember seeing sinks or anything cooking, however. So they seemed to just let me be there and take in whatever i could take in this time. I stood there looking for awhile, then came home. I was struck and thankful that they seemed to let me into a "home" or whatever, despite my apparent knuckleheaded lack of ability to understand them.

Still don't know what the hell it is.

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