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Drug: DMT
Pretreatment: NONE
Dose: .4 milligrams/kilogram, intravenous.

I slept well, did some yoga on rising. I remembered I had Terence's DMT CD, so I thought: perfect time to check it out. Truly interesting; but let's just see.

Rick said, are you ready? I calmed myself. An involuntary fear arrived in the pit of my stomach - I knew logic and left brain would not quell it. I asked my heart to find the fear, and let it go. The heart chakra opened enough to let me say, now.

Rick began the litany of starting now, here's the saline flush, and then....

I was instantly alive in the most vibratory, colorful, red, blue and yellow of existence in a carnival mask. I uttered a laugh of surprise and release of fear as I was propelled through all preconceptions and as the first attention shattered and was replaced by a hyper real, fluted and ruffled multiplexed continuum, where every edge was connected, reflective and even recursive of every other edge. The simple thought DMT is the most powerful psychedelic I have ever experienced was beheld. Stunned, part of me felt myself holding back, I relaxed and noticably the environment began to change. I knew I was going through the first bardo of death, that I had been here many times before, and it was OK.

All of a sudden I entered a white cube space, which was perfect, and reminiscient of a space from a distant planet where beings were only concerned with being and enlightenment. Rick and IO were there, as distinct entities: colorful, distinct from the perfect white cube space - but G was not there. Through my head I realized:

THIS IS JUST LIKE THE LAST TIME. Enough continuity with my waking consciousness gave me this thought next: BUT THIS IS MY FIRST TIME CROSSING OVER WITH THESE TWO. I concluded I had broken out of time and space and WAS experiencing either my "normal" pattern of dying, or was connected to a time in the future when, once again, I will experience, THIS IS THE TIME I WAS IN BACK THEN NOW. Awed, and slightly confused, I stored this thought for recall upon reentering baseline.

Later, I theorized on this phenomena. This much I knew: I tapped into basic core reality: the nature of mind; the stillpoint, the Void, the place where all reality emerges. One idea I had was since Rick and IO have watched this experience hundreds of times before, I was just perceiving their experience. Either way, it was very cool.

It resonated with many, many earlier experiences of being able to cross all time/space barriers and be with the continuum of my soul which exists simultaneously in all states of time and space at once - the many faces of reality.

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