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First Experience

Remember to breathe. Recline and get into position, subsumed by the momentum; before me I see an irridescent membrane, taut and gently pulsating, something stretching and pushing towards me, on the other side, straining to emerge. A fissure rends, tears and inside I glimpse the existence of something of something/place consisting of a dense whirling body of brilliantly multicolored primordial life/thought stuff, seeping and beckoning... I breathe and return into the plexus, center of my being, to witness myself as an outline constructed 2-D diagramatic shell of many coherent light-points, revolving quadrated vorticies, large central to smaller and then tiny outer, phosphorescent green and I.. enter into utter emptiness, space matrix.... [I]mpression of basic colors, unmuted blue, yellow and red, shimmering into being, depth imperceptble yet defined within the space, endlessly recurring back from/into the corner when, slowly, from around the edges they peer towards me, watching, eyes bright and watching in small faces, then small hands to pull themselves, slowly, from behind and into view; they are small white-blond imp-kids, very old in bright, mostly red, togs and caps; candy-store, shiny, teasing and inquisitive, very solemn and somewhat pleased (ah, here you are!) watching me as I meet only their eyes bright and dark without any words (look!) or any idea remembered they only wanted to convey (look!) through their eyes that I must know that THIS is what they/we are doing...

Second Experience

...I found myself once again in the company of the 'elves,' as the focus of their attention and ministrations, but they appeared much less colorful and altogether preoccupied with the task at hand, i.e. pouring a golden, viscous liquid through a network of long, intertwining, transparent conduits which led into the middle of my abdomen...

Psychedelic Monographs and Essays #6, p40

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