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A hit of dmt 10/9/84 - zarkov

I loaded about 40-50 milligrams of dmt into a glass pipe on top of a small amount of damiana. Even though i had been warned, i was still shocked at how harsh the first toke was. It tasted and smelled like burning plastic. I involuntarily exhaled. I immediately took a second toke. The heavy white smoke rushed up the pipe as harsh as before, but i was somewhat better prepared for the terrible taste and i was able to hold the smoke for a few seconds. I exhaled, took a third toke, and was able to hold this last lungful. Suddenly i began to hear a loud, moderately high-pitched carrier wave. immediately, the room started vibrating in sympathy. the pattern on the wall hangings oscillated madly in time to the buzzing that overlaid the carrier wave's fundamental tone. Simultaneously, a heavy, trembling feeling swept over my entire body as if i were being propelled at multiple g acceleration by some giant rocket engine. My visual field dissolved in the most amazing colors. i could not see the room over the intensity of the visual effects. The events of the preceding paragraph occurred in the space of a few short seconds.

Closing my eyes, i got a glimpse of several entities moving in front of a giant complex control panel. The visions were not crystal clear and seemed as if i were viewing it through a scrim. The creatures were bipedal and of about human size. It was impossible to say more other than they did not move like the giant insect creatures i have seen clearly under the influence of stropharia mushrooms. There was a direct awareness of an overwhelmingly powerful and knowledgable presence! it was neither frightening, nor encouraging. It was just mentally there. A thought came, unbidden, into my head. I realized that i was viewing 'god central.' The central panel i saw was the control panel for the entire universe.

 The vision was fleeting and dissolved into a vision of much greater clarity. A gaggle of elf-like creatures in standard issue irish elf costumes, complete with hats, looking like they had stepped out of a hallmark cards 'happy saint patrick's day' display, were doing strange things with strange objects that seemed to be a weird hybrid between crystals and machines.

This vision was also fleeting, and it dissolved into a visual pattern unlike that experienced by me on any other psychedelic or combination of psychedelics. the visuals were interlocking sinusoidal patterns arranged in a japanese chrysanthemum pattern that filled my entire visual field. The pattern was ever-changing and the colors of the individual patterns changed independently of the underlyng pattern. The colors were intense and came in a magnificent variety of colors: metallics, monochromes, pastels, each flickering in and out of existence as if obeying some undetected ordering principle.

An idea came into my head that i was seeing the 'true universe' or universe as it really exists. that is to say, i was seeing directly the vibrations of every particles in the universe that 'i' was somehow in contact with. 'I' was directly 'seeing' the universe withough ordering it into an arbitrary reality tunnel -- i.e., perceived 'solid, objective reality.' the visual pattern seemed to be a sort of m-dimensional lissajous curve formed by the intersection of 'i' with the shock wave of space-time causality.

The carrier wave remained strong throughout the experience. While definitely the same type of phenomena as the carrier wave heard under the influence of psilocybin mushrooms, the dmt carrier wave was much louder than even the loud carrier wave heard under the influence of ten grams of very potent, dried stropharia mushrooms. Also, by comparison to the mushroom experience, the carrier wave sounded as a 'purer' tone -- i.e., the sinusoidal component dominated the buzzng component. My throat was too sore from the harsh smoke and the control of my breathing was hindered by the intensity of the expereince, so i was unable to sing or even generate a solid tone, to attempt audio driving of the visuals.

The overwhelming sense of a presence did not disappear when the vision changed to visual patterns, but remained an almost palpable entity as long as the visuals remained intense. I never felt the foreboding -- let alone the direct challenges -- i have felt under the influence of stropharia mushrooms whenever the feeling of contact with the presence has been strong. The presence was just there and very powerful. i felt that i had glimpsed whitehead's god.

The period of intense visuals lasted about eight minutes. The side effects remained unpleasant, but easily ignorable. The dmt left me euphoric and very bemused for about an hour.

Definitely far out and very impressive!

A selection from: DMT - HOW AND WHY TO GET OFF

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