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Experimental Production of Neurosomatic Electricity Between Two Self-Actualized Hedonists

by Dr. Timothy Leary, Ph.D.

1. Retire to a comfortable bedroom where there is total privacy.

2.Ingest an adequate amount of a neurosomatic drug. The amount and the name of this neuro-transmitter varies from niche-to-niche and from brain to brain. Such drugs have, at times, been called MDA, X.T.C. [MDMA] (New York, 1978)

3. Arrange the two naked bodies in any standard face-to-face tantric attitude - legs intertwined, woman's yoni above man's lingam.

4. The two experimenters then softly stroke each other's bodies for at least an hour. The soft friction of the two aroused skin surfaces then produces an electrical aura. This usually appears first on the hands - often seen as filmlike grids between the fingers. Or as loose "rubber-glove-like" auras around the fingers. The grids are clearly electromagnetic structures in that objects can be passed through them. But they can be manipulated by moving the electrically-charged finger close to them. The magnetic attraction is often visible as thread-like filaments growing up from the arms. Tiny electric point-flashes are also observed. In some cases these filaments become like the threads emitted from certain marine forms (Portugese men of war, for example) which contain at the ends electrical charges. The charges in this case are pleasurable rather than defensive.

Text and illustration from Tim Leary's The Game of Life.

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