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I wish to report an odd hallucination.

I have had this recurrent hallucination that people who I once knew quite well have been replaced by beings which appear to be normal at most times. However, under situations of extreme stress (to the aliens) they seem to momentarily experience some sort of failure in what seems to be some sort of holographic disguise.

My hypothesis is that these beings have some technique, possibly a biologic or cybernetic-organic adaptation, which allows them to project a "seeming" of human appearance. They tend to repeat shared episodes of the past, but offer interpretations of these experiences within singularly inappropriate contexts, as if they were somehow interpreting stored memories via some processing system which is based upon non-human perceptual paradigms.

The hallucinations I have experienced are as follows:

These persons take me for rides, and then I experience a stinging sensation on the neck and scalp, and as this progresses, I start feeling as if I were under the influence of some psychotropic. As the hallucinatory episode progresses, I get the feeling that the person sitting next to me is not human, and when I look out of the corner of my eye, it seems that I am looking at something that is not human. The size and shape are roughly human, but the head is a complex oval, the eyes are very large and compound, and I seem to see mandibles instead of a normal mouth. When I look directly at the person, they always ask immediately "what's wrong," and clash their mandibles fearsomely. I pretend to not notice and bail out of the vehicle at the first opportunity. When I look directly at them, I seem to see the face of an old friend or a loved one, repeating old stories which could have been recorded or memorized, but never do these individuals offer up new interpretations of old experiences which have not been exhaustively discussed. I never tell them anything new, unless it's quite contrived, and they often accept the most preposterous tales as if I were relating commonplaces.

Has anyone else had similar experiences? I refer to the sudden impression that one is talking to a human-sized insectiform alien.

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