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"Praying mantids have an association with many diverse pharmacological and religious beliefs. The Greeks called them "Mantes", which means prophet. The Chinese write of the mantis as curing anything from impotence to goiter. They believed that roasting the egg masses and feeding them to your children will stop bed wetting, but suggested not eating the egg masses on an empty stomach for it will surely make a person sick. These myths are interesting but there have been no findings to support the ancient claims." Gary Watkins, PRAYING MANTIDS

"The common name comes from the manner in which they hold up the forepart of the body, with its enormous front legs, as though in an attitude of prayer. They might also be called "preying mantes" for they are carnivorous, eating other insects." William F. Lyon, Praying Mantis Factsheet HYG-2154-98

"The Preying Mantis-types are the ancients that communicate with abductees telepathically. They are six to eight feet in height, have green skin and enormous eyes with rust and gold colored irises and black vertically slit pupils. They are hideous to behold but non-aggressive. The Preying Mantis-types may have been genetically engineered by the Tall Humanoids. The Tall Humanoids, with or without hair, are between six to eight feet in height with very large noses and large catıs-eyes. This is the type of entity said to have disembarked from a silver disc-shaped craft at Holloman Air Force Base in White Sands, New Mexico in 1973. There is some speculation that humankind has been interacting with these large-nosed humanoids at least since Sumerian times. These entities are often seen in the company of the Tall Blondes." Alien Bait

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