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Ayahuasca Icaro

"One ayahuasca vision showed me how all levels of existence, including material and non-material levels as thoughts or feelings, have vibration, or sound underneath their surface manifestation. If one can reproduce the sound, vibration, or "song" of that which you are working with, you can enter into it and change it around! The shaman does just this using themselves as an instrument to effect the joining." Luis Eduardo Luna
An Icaro is a shamanic power song learned from an elder shaman or spirits. They are used to communicate with the spirits of the natural world, to heal the sick, and to actually provoke certain kinds of visual displays or visions in those intoxicated with ayahuasca. The most important of these songs are those learned from the spirits themselves or those recieved in the dream visions which can follow an ayahuasca session.

This audio file is a short sample from a long icaro heard on the radio late one night on Peter Lamborn Wilson's bi-weekly show "The Moorish Orthodox Radio Crusade" (station WBAI 99.5FM NYC). He said it's from a tape called, "The Songs the Plants Taught Us: Authentic Ayahuasqueros Shamanic Healing Sessions Recorded Live in the Peruvian Amazon" by anthropologist Luis Eduardo Luna.

Short HiFi Icaro (33sec, 8bit/8khz AU 262k)

A lesser quality but much longer 4 minute 49 second sample of this same icaro is available in RealAudio:
Long LoFi Icaro (4m49s, RA, 290k)
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