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There Are No Reasons
Journey Into Savagery


There are no reasons, rationals, or excuses.
It cannot be explained, and refuses to answer questions.
It will defend itself, viciously, against all attacks.

It wants to be there.

To find its weak spots, its sensitive areas, we must try to understand how it became so tremendous. We must know its patterns, its rationals and defenses. We must be able to locate its roots, and destroy their infectious footing.

It's tricky and deceitful, so let's be careful, for we cannot be sure when it might turn around and maim us.

It's somewhat worm-like, at least in its initial stages: small, sleazy, vulnerable and somehwat innocent seeming. It will crawl through your ears when you're down or confused. It will slither deep into your brain, growing now, for it has shelter and space to move. It will consume you and your energy, leaving you barely enough to survive.

As the days pass, it will become enormous, gaining structure and texture. It will no longer be worm-like and discrete. It will thrive on visibility, it will jump on any chance. It has to announce itself, to glorify itself or to defend itself. It will speak through your mouth, and you will listen through its ears. You will see through its eyes, and you will feel through its organs. You will become it, or it will become you. It will give you reference, reason and ideas. It will control you. You will be tied within its boundaries. You will think, speak and act the way it wants you to. You will rattle your bars or pound on the walls, and it will laugh at your frustration, snickering, knowing that it has dominated you. There are no ways out, but...

We will save you from your defeat, we will free you from your bondage and show you how to avoid the repetition of this agony.

There is only one effective weapon against this beast which is unmatched in its strength and impeccable in its purity.

We call this weapon desire. We have learned of it through learning about ourselves. We have found that we've always been capable of weilding its power, but that we had neglected it and lost sight of its glory. The fluidity of desire's form became intangible to us. We had lost an understanding of its form through our obsession with form. We forgot about desire and pretended as if it was never there.

But luckily, we sensed our own poverty and looked deep inside ourselves, knowing that something was wrong. What we found disturbed us profoundly. We found that alien beast, ruling and running us, with the utmost in cruelty and sterility. And hidden within the tyrannical labyrinths of this monster, we found desire, struggling to survive, desperately seeking release from its choking hold.

In desire we found a piece of ourselves we had repressed so long ago, we felt comforted, as if we had regained a bit of our youthful energy. We rejoiced in its beauty. But we were desperate, because we knew that if desire was not freed from the clutches of the beast, it would recede into the nowhere land of lost hopes, and we would no longer be able to enjoy its flourishing company.

Frantically, we gave all our energy to desire. We pushed, shoved and shouted until desire was able to break free. We helped desire, and in its beautiful purity it extinguished the alien influence of the beast once and for all. Ideology, that's what we like to call the beast, ran with its tail between its legs, deep into oblivion: Never to be seen near us again.

Since those days of conflict, desire has regained its health and found comrades of suitable quality. It has taught how to love, discriminate and respect. We urge you to enhance the richness of your life with desire, to trust desire, TO TRUST YOUR DESIRES.

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