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T H E   E I G H T F O L D   M O D E L   O F   H U M A N   C O N S C I O U S N E S S

From Prometheus Rising by Robert Anton Wilson

The second, emotional-territorial circuit creates a two-dimensional social space in conjunction with first-circuit advance-retreat.

Retreat Area of Hostile Strength
(The Tyrant)
I'm ok, you're not ok.
I give the orders here!
Area of Friendly Strength
(The Good Parent)
I'm ok, you're ok.
It's safe out here.
Area of Hostile Weakness
(The Paranoid)
I'm not ok, you're not ok.
Mommy take me home.
Area of Friendly Weakness
(The Dependent Neurotic)
I'm not ok, you're ok.
Please tell me what to do.


Notice that Hostile Strength (the tyrant) is inclined toward paranoid withdrawal; he must govern, but he is also afraid. Note also that the Dependent Neurotic is not in retreat at all; he or she advances upon you, demanding fulfillment of emotional "needs" (imprints).

Of course Redfield's four control dramas resemble the four types identified by this model of the basic animal consciousness since they describe the same meme.

The Eightfold Model of Human Consciousness

T H E   D E O X Y R I B O N U C L E I C   H Y P E R D I M E N S I O N