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Music of the Sun

A Capthrawnian Fable
by R. Douglas Frederick

LISTEN to the Sun! 1

     Once upon a time there was a small blue-green orb floating in a vast sea of emptiness.


Now there were many orbs afloat within this infinite ocean of darkness. Huge flaming ones; small cold ones; Even some with the weight of many large ones, yet so tiny, one could barely see them. But this was a very special orb, for it had something few of the other orbs had. It had life.

      For countless years it was a happy ball, this blue-green orb. All the various forms of life that thrived danced to the same music. The tree people swayed to it in the gentle breezes. The fish people swam to it in the warm waters. The bird people glided to it in the cool air.

And all the different peoples danced in this ballet of life. The Sun, like some great orchestra leader, kept the beat going. For it was the awesome power of the Sun that sustained the music through the beat of it's ever-present warmth and light.

But then there arose a different group of people. They called themselves the "Smart People" and after awhile decided that they were too good to dance to the music of the Sun. They felt that since they were more cunning than their fellow peoples, that they, and not the sun, should choose not only the beat of the music, but the tune as well.

      And so they started playing their own tunes, for their own benefit with total disregard to the other peoples that lived on the orb.

      The Sun continued to play on, and the other peoples maintained their place in this great ballet of life, and left their discordant brethren to themselves. They felt that since these other people did not interfere with their dance, why worry? The Sun will provide.

     Soon it became all too obvious that these people did not share this same view, and before too long, these "Smart" people started forcing the other people to dance to their new music. Those that refused had the precious gift of life stolen from them by the others. Others grew frightened and decided to dance to the music of these strange people.

      Pretty soon, it came to pass that these peoples' music grew so loud and discordant, that those on the orb that tried to continue the dance of the Sun, could no longer hear the original music, and so they perished from the orb forever.SOHO solar hydrogen-alpha light emission

      Now even the people who played the new music could not decide upon a common tune, so they began to argue amongst themselves, and danced to many different tunes, all of which claimed to be the "one and only" tune to dance to. Finally they divided up into different groups and decided to fight one another to decide once and for all which tune to dance to.

      For countless years they fought one another, and many lost their lives, until a person from one of the groups looked toward the bright spot through the clouds of smoke that hid the Sun. You see, this person was considered to be one of the smarter of these people, and was looked upon by his fellows as a great thinker.

     This person realized that if one could copy the life-giving power of the Sun and concentrate this power in a small area, they alone could call the tune. So they made a terrible weapon that perverted this great power. Instead of nurturing life, the music was now made to destroy life. And they used it on their brothers and sisters.

     They said "We alone have the only true tune, and all must dance to it!." But soon yet another small group of these people arose and loudly proclaimed: "We too control the music of the Sun, and our tune is better!." So the first group made a bigger Sun-weapon, and the others countered with an even bigger one.

     This went on and on until both groups possessed the power to destroy the little orb many times over. But both sides were afraid to use these powerful weapons on each other for fear of destroying themselves at the same time.SOHO solar x-rays

     The great thinker from the first group of these discordant people stepped forward and proudly announced: "We have now made a Sun-weapon that will destroy only your people and nothing else, so that we can dance to our music in your house!." Of course it was only a matter of time before the other group made a weapon similar to the first group.

     So back and forth it went; move and counter-move as the balance of terror tried to equal out.

     Now all this time both groups had created machines to take care of their weapons, not trusting even themselves to this delicate task.

     It came to pass that one day the Sun rose brighter than it had in many years. Upon seeing the Sun in it's full splendor, a person entrusted to over see these mighty machines heard the music of the Sun for the first time. Just by hearing the strange and wonderful music filled him with awe and wonder: then joy and happiness: and finally he was driven by an unquenchable urge to dance to this true music of the Sun.

     But being momentarily blinded by the life of the Sun, he failed to watch where he danced. And by bumping into the death-machine, he unknowingly unleashed his people's entire arsenal of Sun-weapons. Now the other people upon seeing their impending doom, set into motion a similar fate for their foes, so that no one would be left to live in their homes.

     All over the little orb gaia these new Sun-weapons systematically extinguished the life fires of both remaining groups. But all the other people had been left unaffected, since both groups looked upon all the other people as "property," and so had built their weapons to eliminate only The Smart People, and it was most efficient.

      All the remaining people, hearing no other tune but the music of the Sun, finally were able to resume the Dance of Life, and the blue-green orb once again sparkled in the Sun's eye. The beat goes on.

 Twinkle, twinkle little star
I don't wonder what you are,
For by spectroscopic ken,
I know that you are hydrogen.
Ian Bush

Channeler's Note: The following tale is a classic example of the stereotypical bedtime story. The tale is the basic bad guys vs the good guys, symbolized by technology and nature. Nature prevails, after a close call. One could almost imagine Capthraw parents reading this to their youngsters.

      Never the less, it reflects the Capthraw's already millennia, long space-faring culture. The opening description of the various orbs is a case in point. The basic story probably predates the later high tech culture, and was perhaps modified along the way with current facts.

      The Capthraw themselves believed that this story relates to the evil Kraughk, that boasted an advanced space-faring culture that predated them by millions of years. The obvious analogy would be our cultures' affinity towards Atlantis and Lemuria, which were in reality Capthraw-assisted human civilizations.

      According to Capthrawnian folklore, the Kraughk were originally from Earth/Thrawn and had expanded throughout the solar system just as the Capthraw did, and as we are now beginning to do. Indeed, the master Threek-Oon relates that the early Capthraw space explorers constantly found evidence of the Kraughk: especially on the planet of the same name, that we humans now refer to as Venus. The Kraughk species' closest surviving relatives on this planet are arachnids: they were technologically advanced spiders! He goes on to relate that our culture is bound to stumble upon similar evidence from the Kraughk as well as the Capthraw, (if we haven't already!) and we will in turn leave our own mark on the solar system.

      The musical metaphor for technology is standard in many cultures, and suggests the feeling that music was identified with magic. In other words, strange and exotic sounds appear with the use of certain devices. Just like strange and exotic things sometimes happen with technological devices, and not always nice strange exotic things either.

      This should continue to drive home the idea of the spiritual commonalty of our two races. - P. Douglas-Oon

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