A bot named search inhabits various channels on our IRC server where it participates in conversation when triggered by use of certain words. To get help or experiment type /msg search hi to open a private message with the bot. There is also a web interface to searchbot.

  • Search will respond to /invite on assigned channels.
  • Fixed the calculator and language translation.
  • Translation now supports chinese, greek, japanese, korean and russian.
  • Type /msg search help to list the functions:

    Calc calc expression returns results from Google calculator.
    CDDB cddb artist-or-album returns a url to the freedb CD Database.
    Define define word returns a url for definition at dict.org.
    Deoxy deoxy keywords to search deoxy.org with Google.
    Find find words search deoxy using our internal engine.
    Google google words returns a url for a Google search.
    Groups groups words returns a url for a Google newsgroup search.
    IChing iching returns a random I Ching hexagram.
    Images images words returns a url for a Google image search.
    IMDB imdb film returns a url for the Internet Movie Database.
    Invite Use this IRC command to /invite search back into an assigned channel.
    ISBN isbn number returns a url for the book at ISBNdb.
    Koan koan returns a random Zen koan.
    Map map seattle returns a Google maps URL for that location.
    News news words returns a url for a Google news search.
    Quake quake returns the most recent USGS Earthquake Hazard. 15 minute update.
    Random random returns a random link for deoxy.org.
    Sat sat 350 5th avenue new york returns Google satellite maps URL for that location.
    Search search keywords returns Google's lucky link.
    Seen seen username tells you when it last saw that username.
    Scholar scholar words returns a url for a Google scholar search.
    Spell spell word or follow the word to spell with (sp). Suggests possible words.
    USDebt usdebt returns the current U.S. National Debt. Updates twice a day.
    Video video returns a random deoxy video, use video words to search.
    video DNA returns results for DNA
    Watch watch words returns video search results in the watch interface.
    Wayback wayback http://some.url returns a Wayback Machine query for the given url.
    Worldpop worldpop return the current world population projection. 10 minute update.
    x to/from language phrase
    translate phrase to (or from) language via Babelfish.

    Languages: chinese dutch french german greek italian japanese korean portuguese russian spanish
    (or the first two letters)

    Examples: "x to spanish hello friend" or "x from sp hola amigo"


    It's custom code so any good suggestions are likely to be implemented.
    Registered nicks can send messages with:

     /memoserv send dimitri your comments here

    SearchBot consists of 1708 lines of Perl using the following 14 CPAN modules: