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 Privacy and Security

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Network Address

IRC client software usually reveals your hostname to other users. Depending on your client the host information can be seen in channel /join and /part and with the /who, /whois and other commands. This feature eases direct client chats and file sharing (which bypass our server entirely) or may cause serious privacy and security concerns. The severity of this issue depends on how and why you connect to the Internet, which IRC servers you use, etc. Since our webchat provides high levels of anonymity so does our IRC server.

This server is configured to automatically block part of your hostname. This defuses the security problems of revealing your exact network address. To ensure privacy an additional feature called vhost can completely block any part of your hostname (ISP) from being shown to other users. The vhost command exists because your hostname will always say something about the source of the connection and may contain a direct reference to the country or city of origin.

Before joining any channels:

Type "/vhost set on" to set your host to irc.deoxy.org

Here's the difference between default IRC, a cloaked hostname (our server default) and a vhost when using two common commands:




Our IRC server supports SSL encrypted connections to secure all traffic between your client and our server. Messages sent to channels or users who are not using encryption is sent to them, from the server, in plaintext. The IRC plugin for Firefox called Chatzilla supports SSL and can use links such as this (ircs://deoxy.org:6697/news) to connect securely to any channel, in this case #news.

Connect to port 6697 for SSL, see Secure SSL IRC and Using SSL with mIRC for more information.

Typing Commands

IRC clients use various means, such as tabs, to provide multiple windows. One of the windows is usually called "Status" or "Command" and shows the MOTD when you connect. Other common windows include #channels where groups of people chat, and private message windows with only two people. Obviously it's important to get your input into the intended window.

The Status window is where you should ALWAYS interact with the server and its services like nickserv because, for example, typos made during login with nickserv in a #channel window will reveal your password to everyone in the channel, and they will laugh at you. If it happens simply change the password:

 /msg nickserv set password mynewpass
If your client supports our aliases:
 /nickserv set password mynewpass
 /ns set password mynewpass

Files and Scripts

  1. Be cautious with file transfers.
  2. Do not auto-accept downloads.
  3. Don't install addons to your client like scripts or bots unless you know what they do.
  4. Check out this page on IRC Security for more information (some of which will not apply because our server is not connected to any other IRC servers).

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