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Testimony and cautionary note
From Terence McKenna

My testimony is that magic is alive in hyperspace.

It is not necessary to believe me, only to form a relationship with these hallucinogenic plants. The fact is that the gnosis comes from plants. There is some certainty that one is dealing with a creature of integrity if one deals with a plant, but the creatures born in the demonic artifice of laboratories have to be dealt with very, very carefully. DMT is an endogenous hallucinogen. Hyperspatial Entelechy It is present in small amounts in the human brain. Also it is important that psilocybin is 4-phosphorloxy-N, N-dimethyltryptamine and that serotonin, the major neurotransmitter in the human brain, found in all life and most concentrated in humans, is 5-hydroxytryptamine. The very fact that the onset of DMT is so rapid, coming on in forty-five seconds and lasting five minutes, means that the brain is absolutely at home with this compound. On the other hand, a hallucinogen like LSD is retained in the body for some time.

I will add a cautionary note.

I always feel odd telling people to verify my observations since the sine qua non is the hallucinogenic plant.

Experimenters should be very careful.

One must build up to the experience.

These are bizarre dimensions of extraordinary power and beauty.

There is no set rule to avoid being overwhelmed, but move carefully, reflect a great deal, and always try to map experiences back onto the history of the race and the philosphical and religious accomplishments of the species.

All the compounds are potentially dangerous, and all compounds, at sufficient doses or repeated over time, involve risks.

The library is the first place to go when looking into taking a new compound.

From Tryptamine Hallucinogens and Consciousness

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