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From: Anonymous submission
Subject: first time

The first time I tried DMT I deliberately took a very miniscule dose, a few milligrams at most. I sprinkled the orange flakes on some dried vegetable matter and drew a candle flame to it, not allowing the flame to touch. The flakes melted and vaporized as I drew the strange tasting smoke into my lungs. About 10 seconds later I saw a small humanoid-shaped distortion in my visual field come strolling from the left to stand in front of me, seeming to be about ten feet away. The distortion resembled the effect used for the alien from the film Predator when that character had its cloaking device activated. As it walked its legs would lengthen, like a Slinky® descending stairs, and the arms swung at its sides, yo-yoing back and forth. It faced me, wound up like a baseball pitcher—with wild stretching effects resembling the antics of Mr. Fantastic of the Fantastic Four—and heaved something at me, striking me in the head! Ecstacy followed as I came down from the small dose quickly, dazed by the euphoric tryptamine afterglow. My first thought was that Cupid had hit me with one of his arrows. My second thought was that in about an hour when the tolerance subsided I'd have to at least double the dose...

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