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Date: Wed, 9 Nov 1994 10:02:40 -0800 (PST)
From: rj
Subject:  Deep Mysterious Trauma, 30mg

SHITSHITSHITSHITSHIT i forgot about this part. It's happening too fast too hard too weird and foreign. I'm somehow able to open my eyes, turn toward the nearest person and say "i forgot."

Hyperspatial Entelechy There's an impression of timespace crinkling and morphing, pulling away somehow in some non-timespacey way, to reveal...a different timespace. It seems to be a complete universe, but i can't really confirm that suspicion. Frantic noises and striking forms assault my senses. I'm completely disoriented, really scared. form starts organizing. Now i see there are people, they seem to be people. I'm apparently behind a crude chickenwire fence with some wooden framework, like something in the ozarks. I'm right by the fence, and on the other side is a dense group of people yelling and making noises and waving objects, shapes, at me. soalienThey seem to be jeering and teasing me. I get the impression that it's like "ha! look! it's another one of those tourists! Let's scare him!"

I see more detail. I'm inside some kind of small building, like a shack. On the other side of the fence, beyond the people, are two open doorways onto what looks like a dirt road. My impression is that this is some kind of streetside shop. The noise is continuous and disorienting. Then i notice that one of the people is on *my* side of the fence. He's telling me, nonvocally, that they're not trying to scare me; they're trying to show me things. He slows down his presentation, showing these unknown shape-objects in less rapid succession. They make just as little sense to me as they did otherwise. I catch a glimpse of what i think is frustration on his part; like he's disappointed at my inability to calm down and try to understand. Beside him there seems to be a makeshift gate thru the chickenwire and toward the jabbering crowd. Behind him is a door, which he may be edging toward...

...then i started reintegrating and slipping back to the old familiar home spacetime.

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