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  Motherboard mbtv 
  Rosetta CometWatch comet 
  Securelist seclist 
  Ethnobotanical Stewardship Council esc 
  DARPA darpa 
  Resistance Radio rr 
  Silicon Valley Astronomy Lectures sval 
  Nature Bats Last nbl 
  Ayahuasca Forums ayaforum 
  No Comment TV nctv 
  Hubble Space Telescope hst 
  American Geophysical Union agu 
  Indigenous Environmental Network ien 
  MODIS Image of the Day modis 
  Yale Climate Connections ycc 
  New Scientist Nanotechnology nsnano 
  New Scientist Cosmology nscosmo 
  New Scientist Space nsspace 
  New Scientist Environment nsenv 
  New Scientist Senses nssen 
  New Scientist Picture of the Day nspotd 
  European Space Agency esa 
  xkcd xkcd 
  CERN Courier cernc 
  Defense Contracts dodcon 
  Daily Censored dcen 
  International Criminal Court icc 
  Cliff Pickover pickover 
  Perl Tricks perltricks 
  disinformation disinfo 
  Narco News Bulletin narco 
  Z Magazine zmag 
  WikiLeaks wikileaks 
  Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide (Weekly) carbonw 
  Invasive Species invasive 
  soc.history.what-if soc.history.what-if 
  sci.astro.research sci.astro.research 
  RISKS DIgest risks 
  SETI Institute seti 
  Quora quora 
  Fight Aging! fightaging 
  Perl TV perltv 
  Naked Security nakedsec 
  SoylentNews soylent 
  Perl Foundation perlfound 
  comp.ai.philosophy comp.ai.philosophy 
  sci.astronomy sci.astronomy 
  deoxy on reddit reddit 
  Perl CPAN Reviews cpanrate 
  Perl Maven perlmaven 
  Perl Weekly perlweek 
  r/perl perlr 
  Perl Hacks perlhacks 
  blogs.perl.com perlblogs 
  Deep Sea News dsn 
  Havocscope Black Market havoc 
  National Youth Rights Association nyra 
  Security Alert pcworld 
  Data Breaches codb 
  Astrobiology Magazine astrobio 
  Global Ganja Report ggr 
  Cognitive Liberty UK coglib 
  Alterati alterati 
  World War 4 Report wwfr 
  Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide (Monthly) carbon 
  International Rivers iriver 
  NASA Television nasatel 
  Personal Security psb 
  Wired Threat Level wsec 
  ZNet znet 
  Public Knowledge pubkno 
  Meltfactor meltfact 
  Sexual Intelligence Newsletter sexin 
  Sexual Intelligence sexi 
  Fairewinds Energy Education fee 
  Choose Responsibility chooser 
  Solar Dynamics Observatory sdo 
  Xingu Alive xingu 
  Reverend Billy's Freakstorm revbill 
  Radical Action for Mountain People's Survival ramps 
  Free Range Kids frk 
  Papers, Please! pplease 
  Greenpeace Video gpvid 
  GNU Project gnu 
  Law Enforcement Against Prohibition Video leapv 
  Law Enforcement Against Prohibition leap 
  Appalachian Voices avoices 
  iLoveMountains ilm 
  Defective By Design dbd 
  Extraenvironmentalist extraenv 
  Future Primitive futurep 
  Reporters Without Borders rwb 
  Brain Pickings brainpick 
  Urban Word of the Day urban 
  Eletrica eletrica 
  If You Love This Planet helen 
  Frack Action frack 
  Naked Protesters naked 
  Weather Underground wunder 
  What Could Possibly Go Wrong? wrong 
  commandlinefu fu 
  Centauri Dreams centauri 
  Climate Change: The Next Generation nexgen 
  Environmental Visualization Lab evl 
  Entheology entheology 
  Botany Photo of the Day bpotd 
  NatGeo Photo of the Day ngpotd 
  OED Word of the Day oed 
  CrimethInc ct 
  Climate Progress climatepro 
  YES! Magazine yesmag 
  The Yes Men yesmen 
  Root Force rootforce 
  Ruckus Society ruckus 
  Clusterfuck Nation cluster 
  information aesthetics ia 
  Information Is Beautiful iib 
  UN Human Rights News unhr 
  Goddard Institute for Space Studies giss 
  State of the Climate sotc 
  Climate Change Denial ccdenial 
  RealClimate realclimate 
  Arctic Sea Ice seaice 
  Concerned Scientists ucsce 
  Climate Denial Crock of the Week Video crockv 
  Skeptical Science skeptical 
  Obameter obameter 
  Psychology Today psych 
  Metamodern metamod 
  Quantum Physics News quantum 
  Nanophysics News nanophys 
  Neuroscience News neurosci 
  CopWatch copwatch 
  Onion News Network onn 
  Archaeology & Fossils fossils 
  Plants & Animals pa 
  Evolution News evo 
  Dispatches from the Culture Wars cultwars 
  Strange Maps strange 
  Clergy Abuse Tracker abuse 
  NASA Explorer nasaexp 
  NASA Earth News nasae 
  NASA Universe nasau 
  Solar System Exploration News ssen 
  NASACast: What's Up? ncwu 
  Space Station Status iss 
  NASA Image of the Day nasaimage 
  wiki at deoxy.org wiki 
  media at deoxy.org media 
  Feminist Daily News fem 
  Truth not Tasers tnt 
  TaserWatch torture 
  Photography is Not a Crime photocrime 
  US Supreme Court ussc 
  Innocence Project innocence 
  AlterNet Drugs alternetdrugs 
  Climate Denial Crock of the Week crock 
  Threatened Species Redlist redlist 
  Survival International Video survivalvid 
  Dangerous Minds danger 
  Yale Environment 360 yalenv 
  Amazon Biodiversity amazonbio 
  Amazon Logging amazonlog 
  Amazon People amazonpeople 
  Amazon River amazonriver 
  Illegal Logging illog 
  CorpWatch corpwatch 
  Google Earth Files davids 
  Indianz.Com indianz 
  Survival International survival 
  Amazon Watch News awn 
  Amazon Watch Video amazonwatch 
  Oddee oddee 
  Unwelcome Guests guests 
  Drug War Chronicle dwc 
  Behind the News btn 
  Explorations with Dr. Michio Kaku kaku 
  You Are Being Watched watched 
  Grist grist 
  White Collar Crime wcc 
  Audio Sky Tour astrotour 
  365 Days of Astronomy astrodays 
  Astronomy Cast astrocast 
  Sky at a Glance sky 
  Astronomy Magazine astromag 
  TEDTalks ted 
  US Dollar Index dollar 
  Volcanic Activity Report vulcan 
  Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory smithastro 
  Chandra X-ray Observatory chandra 
  Mountaintop Removal mtr 
  Environment Video envid 
  Science about: Astronomy astrosci 
  Science about: Archaeology arcsci 
  KunstlerCast kunstler 
  Piracy Report pirates 
  Project Vote Smart votesmart 
  ACLU Action Alerts aclualert 
  Perl Buzz perlbuzz 
  Ethnobotany Tribe tribebotany 
  Shamanism Tribe tribeshaman 
  Chapel Perilous chapel 
  Metaprogrammers metaprogram 
  8-Circuit Brain circuits 
  Angel Tech angeltech 
  Autonomedia Recent Books autonomedia 
  Anarchy Radio with John Zerzan zerzan 
  Project Censored censored 
  Ralph Nader Opinion naderedit 
  First Voices Radio firstvoices 
  ENN Headlines enn 
  Earth First! Newswire earthfirst 
  Rainforest Action Network ran 
  Forest Issues WWF forestcon 
  Find of the Day found 
  FDA MedWatch Safety Alerts medwatch 
  Committee on Oversight and Government Reform waxman 
  NORML Audio Stash normlstash 
  Major News About Minor Objects minorobjects 
  MathWorld mathworld 
  Ecoshock Radio ecoshock 
  HughesWatch on Ethical Technology changesurf 
  CounterSpin cspin 
  Moorish Orthodox Radio Crusade morc 
  Perl AnnoCPAN annocpan 
  jobs.perl.org perljobs 
  Bad Astronomy badastro 
  Space Weather Alerts spacealerts 
  Center for Democracy and Technology cdt 
  Michael Moore Holy Crap mikemoore 
  Climate Change News climate 
  Slacker Astronomy slackastro 
  Astromart News astromart 
  The Nation thenation 
  Free Will Astrology freewillastro 
  Hurricane Center (Pacific) hurricanep 
  Hurricane Center (Atlantic) hurricanea 
  Spitzer Space Telescope spitzer 
  The Nature of Reality pbsnova 
  PBS Frontline frontline 
  Word of the Day wotd 
  O'Reilly Radar oradar 
  Google World News gooworld 
  Google News Sci-Tech gooscitech 
  Presidential Proclamations whitehouse 
  National Institutes of Health usnih 
  National Fire Incidents usfsfires 
  USDOE Research Highlights usdoepulse 
  Federal Energy Regulation usferc 
  Energy Efficiency and Renewables useere 
  Census Bureau Population Estimates uspopclocks 
  FDA Press Releases usfdapress 
  FDA Recalls usfdarecall 
  Consumer Product Safety Commission uscpsc 
  National Security Archive nsa 
  Psychedelic Salon psysalon 
  Perl CPAN New perlcpandist 
  Executive Orders eo 
  Perl Review perlreview 
  Sea Shepherd Conservation sscs 
  Federation of American Scientists fas 
  Adbusters adbusters 
  beginners@perl.org perlbegin 
  mod_perl modperl 
  Media Matters mediam 
  Futurismic futurismic 
  Green Car Congress greencar 
  MetaEfficient efficient 
  Treehugger treehugger 
  Buzztracker buzztracker 
  MAPS Psychedelic Studies maps 
  PLoS Biology plosbio 
  FreshPatents fpatents 
  cryptogon cryptogon 
  Religion News religionews 
  A-Infos ainfos 
  Physics Org physorg 
  Accelerating Intelligence ainews 
  Perl.com perlcom 
  Science Fiction in the News technovelgy 
  Future Hi futurehi 
  LiveScience livescience 
  Free Speech Radio News fsrn 
  NPR Health and Science nprhealthsci 
  AP News Video newsvidap 
  This Modern World thismodernworld 
  Electronic Frontier Foundation eff 
  Technology Review techreview 
  Defense Tech defensetech 
  Barbelith > Temple barbtemple 
  DistroWatch distrowatch 
  GAIA Tribe tribegaia 
  Medicinal Plants Tribe tribeedibleplants 
  Ayahuasca Tribe tribeayahuasca 
  Terence McKenna Tribe tribemckenna 
  Psychonauts Tribe tribepsychonauts 
  DMT Tribe tribedmt 
  Common Dreams commondreams 
  Greg Palast palast 
  In These Times inthesetimes 
  Mind Hacks mindhacks 
  Consortiumnews.com consortium 
  hack a day hackaday 
  Snopes Urban Legends snopes 
  Boing Boing bboing 
  Telltale Weekly telltale 
  NPR News Top Stories npr 
  Environmental Journalists Tipsheet tipsheet 
  Daily WTF dailywtf 
  2600 The Hacker Quarterly 2600 
  DrugSenseBot drugsense 
  High Times hightimes 
  Verified Voting verifiedvote 
  RealityCarnival realitycarnival 
  AntiWar.com antiwar 
  Witches Voice witchvox 
  Digital Rights/Digital Wrongs registerlaw 
  In the Public Interest publicinterest 
  Lunar Phase moonphase 
  comp.lang.perl.misc comp.lang.perl.misc 
  soc.history.moderated soc.history.moderated 
  alt.society.anarchy alt.society.anarchy 
  Perlmonks perlmonks 
  Perl CPAN Recent perlcpan 
  Near Earth Objects asteroids 
  Free Press Newswire freepress 
  Oblique Strategies oblique 
  Fortean Times fortean 
  PBS NewsHour newshour 
  Firefox Extensions mozext 
  Onion onion 
  Earth Science Picture of the Day epod 
  Smoking Gun smokegun 
  Mother Jones momjones 
  Erowid erowid 
  meme at deoxy.org meme 
  A-Infos Radio Project radio4all 
  Village Voice vvoice 
  Copyfight copyfight 
  Chilling Effects Clearinghouse chilling 
  Yahoo News Top Stories yahoo 
  US National Debt Clock usdebt 
  C-SPAN cspan 
  Virus Warnings virwarn 
  Space Weather Links spacewthr 
  Democracy Now! demonow 
  Slashdot slashdot 
  Science Daily scidaily 
  Space Today spacetoday 
  Earthquakes M>2.5 quakes 
  Earth Observatory earthobs 
  BBC World News bbc 
  Indymedia indymedia 
  SANS Internet Storm Center sans 
  SourceWatch (Disinfopedia) disinfopedia 
  Stone Pages Archaeo News archaeo 
  Nanodot nanodot 
  Ars Technica ars 
  Reuters Top News reuters 
  Reuters Oddly Enough reutersodd 
  Wired News: Top Stories wired 
  US-CERT National Cyber Alert cert 
  Extremetech extech 
  Science @ NASA nasa 
  National Geographic News natlgeo 
  Scientific American sciamer 
  Astronomy Picture of the Day astropic 
  Spoof News spoof 
  SecurITeam.com securiteam 
  Register: Security registersec 
  SecurityFocus Vulnerabilities secfocusvuln 
  Overlawyered legal system overlawyered 
  Ecology News ecology 
  Robotics News robots 
  Offbeat News offbeat 
  Human Rights Watch humanright 
  GMO News gmo 
  Genetics News genetics 
  FARK fark 
  AlterNet alternet 
  Amnesty International amnesty 
  Center for Science in the Public Interest cspi 
  Project Gutenberg gutenberg 
  Greenpeace News gpnews 
  Global Issues globalissues 
  Quotes of the Day quotes 
  NORML norml 
  MedTerms Word of the Day medterm 
  Friends of the Earth foe 

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